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Napa Experience Tour

with Robert Mondavi Winery

Napa Experience Tour

with Robert Mondavi Winery

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Napa Valley Bus Tour from San Francisco! Picnic lunch included! Barrel tasting experience! Includes Ferry Cruise — Perfect way to end the day!

Tour Itinerary

* On rare occasions, the other non-Mondavi wineries are subject to change. Alternate Wineries: Beringer Winery

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Tour Benefits

  • Ferry/Bay Cruise back to San Francisco
  • Scenic tour route (over the Golden Gate Bridge)
  • Water will be provided during the tour (at the wineries)
  • Tour narrative with a Wine 101 presentation during the ride to Napa Valley
  • No Motor Coaches/ We use shuttle buses
  • Picnic Lunch Meal Costs included
  • The tasting and tour fee ($15) at Robert Mondavi Winery and the tasting and tour fee ($15) at Franciscan Winery are included in the tour.

Picnic Lunch

Picnic LunchWe provide you with a picnic lunch at one of our premium Napa Valley wineries during the tour.

The lunch will include meats, salads and fruit. It’s great to grab a bottle of wine from the winery you are visiting during your lunch and share it with others on the tour.

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Tasting Fees

See our FAQ for full information on tasting fees, pour amounts, and private settings at each winery.

Napa Winery Spotlight

Mondavi Winery - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco

Robert Mondavi Winery

This famous Napa Valley Winery will be one of our stops on this tour. At this winery the tasting fee is included. A winery tour of Mondavi is also included.

Andretti Winery - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco

Andretti Winery

The winery is well known for Mario Andretti, the famous Indy 500 racecar driver, and the craft of their Italian wine making process.

Beaulieu Vineyards - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco

Beaulieu Vineyards

Beaulieu Vineyards, in the heart of Napa Valley, is one of the oldest and most loved wineries in California.

Franciscan Winery - Napa Bus Tours from San Francisco

Franciscan Winery

This Oakville Estate winery will offer you 3 wines to taste and give a mini tour of their tasting rooms and vineyard. Tour and tasting fees are included!

Barrel Tasting Experience

Barrel tasting is now offered on this wine tour!

For red wines, controlled oxidation takes place during barrel aging. This very gradual oxidation results in decreased astringency and increased color and stability. It also evolves the fruit aromas to more complex ones.

Experience the fresh fruity-taste of wines straight from a barrel.

Not a Big Motor Coach! – Can go to small places

Napa Valley Bus Tours from San FranciscoWe don’t use motor coaches on any of our tours – we use smaller, lower to the ground shuttles.

Many Napa Valley Bus Tours from San Francisco tend to use large high-off-the-ground motor coaches where they might pack in as many as 55 passengers, and as a result cannot go to most wineries or get the best wine tour experience.

Shuttles make for great wine tours!

Ferry Cruise – Perfect way to end the day –

It’s not just any Napa Wine Tour from San Francisco. On this tour you will take a ferry cruise from Napa Valley back to San Francisco as the sun begins to set. You can go outside or inside the boat during this 40-minute calm boat cruise across the bay back to the Ferry Building.

This ferry cruise is key because it completely avoids bad traffic back to San Francisco. From the Ferry/Bay Cruise you will get close to Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, the city of San Francisco, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge from a short distance away. Thus, during the Ferry/Bay Cruise portion of your wine country tour, it will be at this point, you will know you made the right choice!


  • Everyday: 8:15am
  • 8.5 Hours Tour Length


  • $134 per person

– Includes Tastings at 2 Wineries!
– Mondavi & Franciscan
– Mondavi offers a fully winery tour
– Includes Picnic lunch
– Includes Ferry Bay Cruise (Avoids Traffic)
– Tasting fees at other 2 wineries not included, but tasting fees can be waived if wine is purchased.